Get smarter! Cerego finally launches its ‘Dropbox for the brain’

Originally posted on VentureBeat:


Our memories are seemingly random. Why do we retain certain facts and not others?

For centuries, neuroscientists and academics have struggled to pinpoint the “optimal moment of review,” the moment in which we’re most likely to memorize information. As it turns out, the best time to review a fact is the second or two before we’re bound to forget it.

The problem is that calculating this moment for a vast stream of information that we encounter at different times is impossible for the human brain. But a computer can do it.

Launching in beta to consumers today, Cerego is a memory management company that spun out of a privately-funded think tank. The cloud-based technology was developed over the course of a decade by a team of neuroscientists and tech entrepreneurs with a mission to improve the efficiency of the human learning process.

“Our system speaks to the semantic memory: how to store information…

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